Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Vakfı

Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Music Scholarships

The Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation provides scholarships to outstanding young musicians in Turkey to enable them to pursue their graduate musical studies abroad. The full list of names and biographies of musicians who have received this support to date is available here.

Application Process

According to its articles of incorporation, the Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation helps outstanding young musicians and students of music develop their exceptional talent by sending them abroad.

1. Application Dates
Young musicians who wish to apply for the Foundation’s international music studies scholarship must apply to the Foundation’s General Secretariat between 1 June and 15 July.

2. Conditions and Required Documents
Candidates applying for this scholarship for the first time must meet the following conditions:
• Be younger than 24 during the academic year in question.
• Have a bachelor’s degree in music.
• Be accepted in the graduate program of a respected international institute of musical studies.
3. Required Documents
The following documents must be submitted at the time of application:

• An application letter providing details of the candidate’s musical experience, the goals of his or her international studies, and biographical information.
• Official photocopies of diplomas and academic transcripts from musical institutions attended in Turkey, including all grades received in music classes at those institutions.

• Reference letters from the administration and members of the music faculty where the candidate studied or from musical professionals explaining the candidate’s “outstanding” talent and achievements.

• Information and programs of concerts performed or of other music events in which the candidate has participated.

• Any media coverage, including critiques.

• Documents from a respected international institute of musical studies stating that the candidate has been accepted into a master’s, PhD, or other postgraduate program.
• A cassette or CD of the candidate performing in his/her musical discipline that reflects his/her personal style.

• Additional documents or sources that might be helpful in communicating the candidate’s talent.

• Two color photographs.

4. Selection of Scholarship Recipient(s) and Payment
A jury appointed by the Foundation’s Executive Board reviews all applications and selects the scholarship recipient(s). The evaluation takes place in August, and decisions are mailed to all candidates immediately after. Scholarships are paid in full for the academic year during the second week of September.

5. Contract
Recipients of Eczacıbaşı Music Scholarships for International Studies have no financial obligations to the Foundation. However, recipients are asked to sign a contract with the Foundation setting out the terms of agreement between the two parties.

Postal address for applications
Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Vakfı
Eczacıbaşı Yurtdışı Müzik Bursları
Büyükdere Caddesi,  Ali Kaya Sok.
No: 7 Levent, İstanbul, Türkiye

Telefon: (0 212) 371 71 60
Faks: (0212 ) 371 71 10